Hecho en Casa/ Home Made - June program

Cobalt is excited to present....
Hecho en Casa/ Home Made
Curated by Alberto Aguilar and Jorge Lucero
Friday, June 10 - Saturday, June 25

A program of events that verge on acts of domesticity. Behavior that touches upon ideas of home, the local, hospitality, homemade-ness and the personal, all within an exhibition space. This series of events will be accompanied by a collection of objects and artworks that each invited artists found to be in conversation with the ideas of “home”. These objects can be viewed during the scheduled event hours.

Participating artists:
Alberto Aguilar & Madeleine Aguilar
James Kubie
Jorge Lucero
Gwenn-Aël Lynn & Hermes Santana
Bryan Saner & Teresa Pankratz
Christopher Santiago
Vanessa Smith
Samuel Sotelo-Avila
Hui-min Tsen
Lisa Walcott

Ques regarding this exhibition/events -Alberto Aguilar: aaguilar@ccc.edu
Info regarding Cobalt Studio - cobaltartstudio@gmail.com

Always Free and open to the public!-Please join us!
////Program of events///

Friday, 6/10
>8:00pm -10:00pm
Christopher Santiago will host a House (dance) party on the opening night of this month-long series of

Saturday 6/11
All day>
All participating artists will contribute to a work of interior design, composed of artist contributed objects that each artist found to be in conversation with the ideas of “home” introduced by this month-long series of events. Objects will remain on display for the duration of the exhibition and can be seen whenever an event is occurring at Cobalt Studio.

Alberto Aguilar will open up the Cobalt Studio for a community pancake breakfast. This pancake breakfast, which is open to the general public, will be accompanied by a showing of cartoon episodes favored by the artist’s children.

Madeleine Aguilar will lead a duct tape object making workshop. Thirteen year-old Madeleine brings her expertise inconstructing home-made cardboard and duct-tape articles of defense (e.g. light sabers, utility belts and medieval-like weapons) to this workshop open to participants of all ages.

>2:00 pm
Gwenn-Aël Lynn is an artist who works with ideas of locality, making “interactive smell installations and food/scented performances, which problematize further the relationship between olfaction, taste, hybridity, and hegemony” will lead a scent workshop that is open to the general public. This workshop will last between 3 and 4 hours. Gwenn-Aël Lynn will be joined for another event on June 24 by Hermes Santana for a second contribution to Hecho en Casa/ Home Made. ***Registration for this event is required.*** Please contact the artist at gwenn@gwennaellynn.com or visit http://www.gwennaellynn.com/ for more information.

>8:00 pm
Bryan Saner and Teresa Pankratz- will construct and perform with a homemade
DIY home entertainment system. Using cardboard boxes and kraft paper, and inspired by toy theaters and shadow boxes, the event will include both a lecture demonstration of how to do this at home and a short entertainment.

Friday, June 17
>6:00 pm
Alberto Aguilar will make a 50 ingredient mole, discuss the history of mole, and invite people to help make this traditional Mexican sauce as he creates an accompanying sound piece with some of the mole-making participants.

Samuel Sotello-Avila will lead the breaking of a Minimalist piñata, which he has made for this particular event.

Lisa Walcott will create a sparse space full of gestures, scents, actions, sounds, spaces and materials all allusive to being home. Multiple batches of bread dough will be made and then discarded into a swelling pile within the site specific installation. Walcott has often dealt with the theme of accumulation through repetitious and monotonous tasks especially relating to domestic space.

Saturday, June 18
>9:00 am
Jorge Lucero will hold a school  where teachers of all sorts will come together to author a book of “home grown” knowledge. Home grown knowledge can be defined as learning that is produced, achieved, and examined outside of the context of institutional schooling. The definition of “teacher” here will be expanded in the call for participants.

The content of the book will consist of interviews, drawings, collages, photographs, and narratives that are conjured up during this open workshop.

Copies of the book that will come out of this activity will be available after the day of production at Cobalt Studio.

Currently Jorge is working with the concept that a teacher is anyone--regardless of certification, degrees, schooling, or licensure--who seeks to engage in a pedagogical discourse with an “other”. In this case, everyone from parents to students themselves can play the role of “teacher”. This broadened definition will allow for members of the public or “walk-ins” to fully participate in this project.

>6pm Dinner of Unknowns
Alberto Aguilar will hold a mystery dinner of strangers and unknown guests curated from Facebook friends that he never met. On this night we will eat the mole that was prepared on the previous night as well as partake in a schedule of “domestic” activities. This dinner is by invitation only.

>After Dinner
Hui-min Tsen will present an after-dinner slideshow for the armchair traveller. Instead of depicting an actual journey, though, it will tell the story of staying in one place and looking elsewhere. Tsen models her local travels on the explorer Alexander von Humboldt by observing the weather and collecting data down by the lakefront near her home in Chicago. Interspersed with Tsen’s stationary travels will be the stories of Alexander von Humboldt (who, understanding the natural world to be interconnected, promoted an international network of meteorological observers), Elisha Kent Kane (an avid follower of Humboldt's and famed Arctic explorer who brought back evidence of an "open polar sea," a warm region at the North Pole where the water never freezes) and Margaret Fox (Elisha Kent Kane's secret fiancé and a "spirit-rapper" who could communicate with the departed, popularizing the seance as we know it today).

Friday, June 24
>7:00 pm
Hermes Santana (who grew up in Pilsen) is going to make a BlackXican pozole, while Gwenn-Aël LYNN will serve it in a performative way, emphasizing its olfactory dimension. This dinner will take place at Cobalt Studio and will be sonified with "Pilsen"soundscape. Seating for this event will be limited so please RSVP at gwenn@gwennaellynn.com to reserve your spot.

>After Dinner
Hui-min Tsen will repeat her slideshow of a narrated vacation slideshow/armchair travel/after dinner parlor show. (See June 18 description for more details).

Saturday, June 25
>11:00 am
Vanessa Smith will forage for beautiful plants among the weeds of Chicago, and bring them into the project space incremently to become house plants. She will give a tour of them to the visitors, touching on their history, culinary and medical uses.

>1:00 pm
James Kubie- will lead a workshop on how to make herbal candies used in traditional southern folk medicine. Starting with whole ginger roots and bunches of horehound, we will process the botanicals to produce candies used to soothe the stomach and the lungs. All participants will be able to take a portion of the candies home for their use.

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