Recap on "London from Chicago from London" project

Here are some pics to get you caught up on a recent project by Antonio Martinez and UK artist Helen Schoene, "London from Chicago from London". This is their first collaboration. These pieces were created live, based on sketches and drawings projected digitally via Skype.

Antonio Martinez

Helen Schoene

Antonio Martinez
 Special thanks to Miguel Cortez for his assistance.

Artifice//Artifact- Reception January 14, 2011

New Photography
Sarah Best & Ira S. Murfin . Ernesto De Anda . Miguel Cortez . Linda Prieto . Rosy 'Campanita Torres . Thelma Uranga . Antonio Martinez . Leonel Hernandez . Anthony Marcos Rea . Jackie Orozco . Marisa Moy . Adriana Baltazar 
Every Photo Tells a Story
Inquiry into artifacts and photography as a medium to represent facts or to construct them frame the theme of this exhibit. Pulling from various interests and backgrounds, each artist will present a freshly made narrative.The subject of these narratives vary according to each artist's directive.

Join Cobalt in celebration of a new year and new work! 

Friday, January 14, 2011
6:00pm - 10:00pm

Cobalt Studio
1950 W. 21st St
Chicago, IL


'After School Matters' /Pros Arts, "So you want to take Pictures?" Recap

There were so many great images from the 'After School Matters' /Pros Arts, "So you want to take Pictures?", It's hard not to include them all. Congrats to the students and Anthony Marcos Rea for their hard work on the recent December show at Cobalt.

Email area(at)prosarts.org with any questions about the program.
Sadly the laptops and equipment that the students in this program and others used were stolen recently.

Your donations or help in this unfortunate circumstance is welcome. Please visit http://prosarts.org/ to learn more or donate!


Pilsen Holiday Art Sale and Tianguis-12/11-12

Cobalt artists will be in the House!
Please join us for the Pilsen Holiday Art Sale and Tianguis (Market) featuring 30 + Independent,  local artists and crafters displaying and selling the best in arts, DIY handmade, and Latin American craft and paper arts.
This exciting two-day holiday Market located in the heart of Pilsen will take place on Saturday, December 11 and Sunday, December 12 from 12noon – 7pm at Casa Juan Diego, 2020 S. Blue Island Ave.  Admission is free! Select from original paintings, prints, unique clothing and fashion, ceramics, jewelry, DIY handmade crafts, cards, plush toys, screen printed t-shirts, zines, comics, free trade Latin American goods and handicraft.
In addition to the unique works of art and craft, the event will include live music by the group Jaro Chicanos, and singer, songwriter Sandra Antongiorgi. Traditional Mexican foods, delicious baked goods provided by Bella Nor pastries and Casa Girl Cupcakes, and a book and literature section by Contratiempo literary cultural magazine.


Some pics of work from 'On Specific'

Impromptu unspecific themed show of Pilsen and Bridgeport artists


London from Chicago from London

As part of SchemaTonic-Cobalt Artist Antonio Martinez collaborates with Helen Schoene in the UK, December 2nd. Tony will be participating a live performance piece via Skype and Video projection. See announcement below.

Cheers to Tony and Helen! We will be sure post any documentation of the interaction.


On specific-Reception Friday, 11/19

Here we go! We are diving in to an exhibit before the year is out. While there is no theme to this show, all the work is 2-D based, drawing and painting. These artists enjoy each others work and want to share it with you.


Coming in January 2011

We are currently piloting our front space for exhibitions with our first show planned for January 2011. Our hopes and plans for the space are to provide exceptional artists (some underexposed) with an opportunity to showcase their work in a gallery-like atmosphere minus the commercial pressures and hoopla.

While rooted in the community of local artists, we look to expand our network with the world by establishing a national and international exchange of artwork.

A key purpose of the exhibition use of our space is to allow artists to experiment with new work and gain feedback through showcasing their work with us without pressure of sales. 


Over 9 artists have been invited to produce a narrative using photo based media.  Exploring photography as a tool, in documentation and illusion, they will tell stories; moving between evidence and artifice.

To add a bit of fun all work must be produced in a 30 day period (11/7 - 12/6/10). Some will choose to use each day, while others will only work w/in these dates.

Show will be in January 2011
Stay tuned for more info.


Open Studios' quick recap

Our Weekend was great! Everyone's work was enjoyed and appreciated. I'll post pics of each artist work in another posting.

And the Studio Warming party afterward wasn't bad either.. Cheers!

Thanks to everyone who came through and to the artists that shared their great work


Pilsen Open Studios 2010, Weekend of October 16-17

Okay it's less than 2 weeks away now and we are excited to open up our studio.
We first moved in this past June, but never had a 'studio warming' or anything like that.
Basically, we've been to busy making a mess and working in the space to really show it off!
While that's been great to be working, we are looking forward to a short break to reflect on accomplishments and look toward new opportunities.

We are listed as #7 on the map.
Find us at:
1950 W. 21st St.

Our exterior may look rough but we are packed with awesome!
Sharing our space, walls, floors and ceilings are these confirmed guests artists:
Jose Arceo
Juan Compean
Miguel Cortez
Hector Duarte
Ruben De Santiago

Anni Holm
Naomi Martinez

Here's some pics of some work in progress:
Painting with shadows, 2010 installation. Baltazar 

Tony's work set up from a recent private viewing.
Well, that's all for now. Can't wait. More details to come.


27th & Kildare Mural Unveiling/Harvest BBQ

The BBQ was excellent. Much to eat and take home. Thanks Enlace for the great night and goodies. Thanks also to friends that showed up to check it out in person. Shout out to Maggie :)

Here's a shot of the completed mural as well.
It was a blast to see it come off the computer screen into reality!


Join us for a free 'Urban Landscape Painting' Workshop

Charles Burchfield-Street Scene, 1940
Tony and I will be facilitating a workshop on 'Urban Landscape painting' during the Little Village Arts Fest which runs Oct 2nd -3rd! This subject is a personal love of mine and recurring theme in my work so I'm especially looking forward to it. If there is no rain we will be at the Pocket Park on 26th St and Trumbull. 
If it rains meet us at 4227 West 26th Street (at Tripp).

All supplies will be provided. Come get a little insight into the subject and how to make your own little record of the bustling streets of Villita. 

When: Saturday, Oct 2nd 
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Where: 26th and Trumbull pocket park 
More info on the Little Village Arts Fest at:


Enlace Pocket Park Harvest Fest!

Where: NE corner of 27th Street & Kildare
When: September 30th, 5pm - 8pm

Enlace will hold a harvest fest to celebrate all the hard work over the summer put into its Pocket Parks in Little Village, resulting in a feast of yummy vegetables, gorgeous flowers and beautiful public art. 

'Pocket parks' are an effort of Enlace to transform vacant lots into community use spaces. The pocket park on 27th St. & Kildare has been reclaimed as a community garden of veggies, greens and flowers.

Festivities include:
- Delicious BBQ feast with homemade dishes cooked with pocket park veggies (squash, tomatoes, collard greens, cucumbers, peppers and more)!
- Take home fresh produce!
- Music, art and workshops and more to enlighten all the senses!

Cobalt Studio and Enlace are proud to announce the official unveiling of its contribution to the contemporary mural movement in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. Cultura Nativa (Native Culture) is a mural depicting the native animals and plants of Illinois in a traditional Mexican textile pattern.

Enlace Chicago is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of the residents of the Little Village Community by fostering a physically safe and healthy environment in which to live and by championing opportunities for educational advancement and economic development.

More info:
Enlace Chicago
2756 South Harding Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60623


Mural progress pics here..finally

Here is the wall the first time I saw it in May 2010.
27th and Kildare, La Villita Chicago
With the wall in such bad shape I knew we had our work cut out for us. I needed to come up with a unique design to compliment the garden and surrounding community.
 I came up with this.

A main goal was to make it stand out from other murals in the area while holding value for the community and garden. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Mexican textile art and embroidery I grew up with I thought would make a great design if put on a large scale. Once I laid out my initial design I researched and used only native Illinois wildflowers for the final composition. Some native and migratory animal life have been included to bring it all to life. What do you think?

Tony laid down our initial background.

Using the dark brown (similar to graffiti buster brown) was intentional for the purpose of covering up the spray painted doodles and to contrast with the bright flowers that we added.
Completed flowers on fabric at the studio.

They may look small here but these flowers took about a week to complete.
Some are about 4 feet wide!
Tony's up on the ladder making a giant collage while I painted the little shed.

Only the flowers are painted on a special fabric while the other elements are painted on site afterward.
We do owe a thanks to Maestro Muralist Hector Duarte, who inspired us to use the fabric technique.
Gracias Maestro!
Detail of the shed I painted.

We received many compliments on the mural from passersby. Lots of offers for work as well, which comes with the territory. "Do you do this for people's houses?" Can you paint this on my car?", was the most amusing, along with a car driving by that shouted, "Que chulada!" Though, I think they were giving a shout out to Tony up on the ladder. ;p

One of my favorite visitors! Little yellow bird.
Team work all around! I worked on the cardinal here then Tony got this butterfly going. :)

Jaime Deleon stopped in the see the progress.

We are almost done. I've been caught up in work for a few shows coming up but I will fill you in on the grand unveiling of this mural. Should be a fun BBQ!