Open Studios' quick recap

Our Weekend was great! Everyone's work was enjoyed and appreciated. I'll post pics of each artist work in another posting.

And the Studio Warming party afterward wasn't bad either.. Cheers!

Thanks to everyone who came through and to the artists that shared their great work


Pilsen Open Studios 2010, Weekend of October 16-17

Okay it's less than 2 weeks away now and we are excited to open up our studio.
We first moved in this past June, but never had a 'studio warming' or anything like that.
Basically, we've been to busy making a mess and working in the space to really show it off!
While that's been great to be working, we are looking forward to a short break to reflect on accomplishments and look toward new opportunities.

We are listed as #7 on the map.
Find us at:
1950 W. 21st St.

Our exterior may look rough but we are packed with awesome!
Sharing our space, walls, floors and ceilings are these confirmed guests artists:
Jose Arceo
Juan Compean
Miguel Cortez
Hector Duarte
Ruben De Santiago

Anni Holm
Naomi Martinez

Here's some pics of some work in progress:
Painting with shadows, 2010 installation. Baltazar 

Tony's work set up from a recent private viewing.
Well, that's all for now. Can't wait. More details to come.


27th & Kildare Mural Unveiling/Harvest BBQ

The BBQ was excellent. Much to eat and take home. Thanks Enlace for the great night and goodies. Thanks also to friends that showed up to check it out in person. Shout out to Maggie :)

Here's a shot of the completed mural as well.
It was a blast to see it come off the computer screen into reality!