Mike Pocius' Solo Show OPENS- Saturday, 11/12

Mike Pocius: Mike's Kind of Town, 
One Town That Won't Let You Down!

Opening Reception: 
Saturday, November 12, 2011

Selected photographic work of Southside Chicago Artist Mike Pocius 

Selected photographic work of Southside Chicago Artist Mike Pocius

On view at Cobalt is an overview of Mike Pocius' past darkroom printed and recent digital color work ranging from 1974 -2011. The artist states, "My work is pretty much street photography built on the foundations of the great ones, such as Robert Frank and Andre Kertex. I try to bring this tradition into the twenty fir...st century.

Mike Pocius is a constantly wandering urban explorer taking notes on the state of our metropolis by way of his Nikon film camera and of late, shooting color digital images; People, places, things, the mundane, the minute, the glorious, the profane, the real in reality.

At times, the camera focused on grim realities our eyes would rather glance around. Mike calls his visual studies a kind of "Urban Archaeology" where by all this graphic evidence when stitched together paints a capacious picture of one artist subjective view of our urban environment.

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