Action Figures! Recap/Slideshow

¡Action Figures! Curated by Cobalt Studio and Nicole Marroquin

Action figures allow us to animate the inanimate, activate the inactive and stimulate fantasies. The exhibition !Action Figures! explores the relationships between direct action, the figurative art tradition, kinetics, performance, participation, activism, intervention and play.

Opening Reception was on Friday, 10/14 6pm-10pm // Show is on view through 10/30/11
Cobalt Studio / 1950 W. 21st St, Storefront
Viewing appointments Call 773.644.1163 (no purchase necessary!) ;p

Read about the show-

Revista Contratiempo:http://contratiempo.net/2011/10/superheroes-en-chicago/
FNews SAIC school newspaper: http://fnewsmagazine.com/2011/10/action-figure-exhibition-at-cobalt-studio/

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