Recap on "London from Chicago from London" project

Here are some pics to get you caught up on a recent project by Antonio Martinez and UK artist Helen Schoene, "London from Chicago from London". This is their first collaboration. These pieces were created live, based on sketches and drawings projected digitally via Skype.

Antonio Martinez

Helen Schoene

Antonio Martinez
 Special thanks to Miguel Cortez for his assistance.

Artifice//Artifact- Reception January 14, 2011

New Photography
Sarah Best & Ira S. Murfin . Ernesto De Anda . Miguel Cortez . Linda Prieto . Rosy 'Campanita Torres . Thelma Uranga . Antonio Martinez . Leonel Hernandez . Anthony Marcos Rea . Jackie Orozco . Marisa Moy . Adriana Baltazar 
Every Photo Tells a Story
Inquiry into artifacts and photography as a medium to represent facts or to construct them frame the theme of this exhibit. Pulling from various interests and backgrounds, each artist will present a freshly made narrative.The subject of these narratives vary according to each artist's directive.

Join Cobalt in celebration of a new year and new work! 

Friday, January 14, 2011
6:00pm - 10:00pm

Cobalt Studio
1950 W. 21st St
Chicago, IL


'After School Matters' /Pros Arts, "So you want to take Pictures?" Recap

There were so many great images from the 'After School Matters' /Pros Arts, "So you want to take Pictures?", It's hard not to include them all. Congrats to the students and Anthony Marcos Rea for their hard work on the recent December show at Cobalt.

Email area(at)prosarts.org with any questions about the program.
Sadly the laptops and equipment that the students in this program and others used were stolen recently.

Your donations or help in this unfortunate circumstance is welcome. Please visit http://prosarts.org/ to learn more or donate!