EFFIGY by Gary L.White

COBALT STUDIO is proud to present
EFFIGY by Gary L.White

EFFIGY by Gary L.White
April 4th, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, April 4, 5-10pm
Open Hours: To be announced

The collection of ceramic sculptures, explores the overlapping of time, generations,Cultures,the spiritual and non spiritual.The religious and secular.
It is a look into the universal idea of identity,and what it means in a postmodern world, through the lens of the Native/Black Indian southern experience.

A famous Quote by southern writer William Faulkner states that "The past is never really past." The idea of the past being just as much apart of the present,as well as the future is the bases for Effigy, the current body of work of Nashville Based Artist Gary L.White.

Gary L. White’s heritage is just about as all-American as you can get — he counts Cherokee, Creek and African-American among his bloodlines — and the artist credits this melting-pot background as a major influence in his work. A graduate of Watkins College of Art, Design & Film, White is exhibiting a new collection of clay sculptures made in his Nashville studio.

1950 W 21st Street
Chicago, IL 60608

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