In Stitches: Smile now, Cry Later - Friday, 5/13

Lynnette Miranda

Reception -
Friday, May 13th
6pm - 10pm

Cobalt Studio
1950 W. 21st St.

In Stitches: Smile Now, Cry Later
5/13 - 6/4/11

This multidisciplinary exhibit explores the temporality, influence and illusions surrounding our emotions. Some illusions we build ourselves, while others are imposed. Either way, there is an eventuality to any emotion we cling to in comfort. That eventuality is waiting for us around the corner to flip our world on it's head.

Allison Lacher . Lynnette Miranda . Raul de laTorre . Ike Floor . Liz McCarthy . Anni Holm . Kate Hampel.  Jackie Orozco .  Lori Endo .  Jennifer Hines . Ray Arroyo . Vanessa Sanchez . Charity White .  Mikey Anderson and more

Viewings outside of reception date/time by appointment: cobaltartstudio@gmail.com

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