Smile now, Cry Later - Re: Los Gallos, Taconasty Dynasty, & Sabinas Salvajes

Here's some background info on a project by a few artists participating in the Spring show at Cobalt.

Smile Now, Cry Later is a public intervention/collaborative project by Vanessa Sanchez, Ray Arroyo and Adriana Baltazar
It's been called many times before, "Enough is enough! Not one more child lost to gangs!" Yet every year families and friends are out on the streets demanding an end to senseless killings.  It's been called, "Enough is enough!" Yet innocent lives continue to be taken by bad aim while others are herded into a life of violence.

As products of neighborhoods that continue to suffer with fear and violence, we are the majority not the exception in the pursuit of peace. Art and other creative pursuits have steered our interests to better places but what draws our youth into the gang lifestyle?

With this project we seek to explore the pros and cons of being in group/gang. While mocking the monsters that claim rule to our streets we have each artist has created their own gangs enlisting members. With an  verbal threats via the online element, we will carry out a 'war' against one another culminating in a public intervention (in April). The event will be video taped (by Gabriel Perez D.) and presented in May of 2011 as part of a group exhibition with the same title at Cobalt Studio.

There will be no actual violence as our intervention is an artistic interpretation of what it means to be voluntarily bound to a group and acting out in public for all to see (and hopefully laugh). The only crying will be done by the losing group.

Follow the group page's activity at the following links. Contact the group admins if you'd like to help out or have questions. Details of the public intervention at a local park will be visible through following the pages:

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