Coming in January 2011

We are currently piloting our front space for exhibitions with our first show planned for January 2011. Our hopes and plans for the space are to provide exceptional artists (some underexposed) with an opportunity to showcase their work in a gallery-like atmosphere minus the commercial pressures and hoopla.

While rooted in the community of local artists, we look to expand our network with the world by establishing a national and international exchange of artwork.

A key purpose of the exhibition use of our space is to allow artists to experiment with new work and gain feedback through showcasing their work with us without pressure of sales. 


Over 9 artists have been invited to produce a narrative using photo based media.  Exploring photography as a tool, in documentation and illusion, they will tell stories; moving between evidence and artifice.

To add a bit of fun all work must be produced in a 30 day period (11/7 - 12/6/10). Some will choose to use each day, while others will only work w/in these dates.

Show will be in January 2011
Stay tuned for more info.

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